Imagery Mapping for TV & Film

House of Cards. Season 3, Episode 8. Hurricane Image custom created by us!

PixelWorld.tv is your “go to partner” for satellite, aerial and imagery mapping for TV shows, movies, films, commercials and documentaries!

Formerly ScapeWare3d and Maps4Media, we’ve been providing imagery and imagery maps to the industry for over 15 years.  Over 80% of the mapping and imagery you see on the big or small screen gets prepared, processed and delivered by us!

From set-design, to wall prints, to computer maps, animated zooms, full-screen maps, street maps, terrain maps — we deliver it all. Whatever your script requires, we can help you make it happen!  TV shows on every major network and big blockbuster films, all source their imagery mapping directly from us!

“Pleasure doing business with you! I can’t tell you how much stress and grief you saved us. These requests tend to come in last minute, so there’s usually a lot of hair pulling involved in fulfilling them. We will definitely be return customers. :)”

Elaina DeMeyere — Archival Producer, VICE News on HBO

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